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ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH

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About us

ACSYS laser processing centers – high-class and customizable solutions. ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH (Kornwestheim) produces sector-specific and high-class laser processing systems which can be configured for any application.

For example, the customer will get support from ACSYS service specialists while calibrating and commissioning during integration of the laser system. All laser systems can be optionally complemented with additional tasks such as contactless depth control and optical part recognition for automated processes.

The camera preview Live Adjust System (LAS) - developed by ACSYS - minimizes setup costs. Parameters such as speed, precision and lot size are variable and can be customized.

In addition, a quick reaction to product changes and short product lifecycles are made possible by the ACSYS software which is programmed to handle the intelligent recording, storage and distribution of data. For the integration in current processes, the ACSYS software can access different company-internal data systems.

Products and services

ACSYS attaches great importance to cooperation based on partnership. For demanding processes – from the complex single-piece production to the flexible series production – ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH (Kornwestheim) offers the corresponding laser technology, laser system and the appropriate software.

However, this does not involve just ONE standard solution that can provide all customers with an optimum laser system for the wide-ranging products in their various sizes, materials and production volumes. This is why the ACSYS specialists talk at length to each customer about the comprehensive ACSYS range of systems, develop the machine concept in cooperation with other entities and test process-relevant factors.

This ensures that the laser system and the production procedure used deliver the required levels of performance. ACSYS is an innovative solution provider who offers state-of-the-art laser technology through its own research lab and cooperates closely with laser institutes and test laboratories.

BARRACUDA, the all-rounder when a lot of space and flexibility is needed.

BARRACUDA, the all-rounder when a lot of space and flexibility is needed.

BARRACUDA by ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH (Kornwestheim) presents a laser processing center which, on the basis of the standard system, can be configured and extended at any time by the ACSYS development team according to the customer requirements. The all-rounder among the ACSYS laser processing centers that represents the ideal basis for customized solutions.

With its generous, very accessible working area for a maximum workpiece size of 950 x 450 x 520 mm, it provides space for large or palletized workpieces of up to 300 kg. Made of high-strength steel – also available with vibration-free and temperature-stable granite –, the BARRACUDA is ideally suited for all production tasks of laser marking, laser engraving and 3D micro laser engraving. The numerous extension possibilities, such as multi-axis solutions, make the BARRACUDA a partially or fully automated production machine. The system is suitable both for single-piece production and also for series production.

PIRANHA cut µ – a very great system down to the micron range

PIRANHA cut µ – a very great system down to the micron range

Cutting out even the smallest parts from very thin cylindrical or curved material with great contour accuracy down to the micron range: This special performance is offered by the PIRANHA cut μ. The latest addition to the PIRANHA cut model series has been designed by ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH (Kornwestheim) for sheet metal sizes up to 600 x 600 mm and sheet metal thickness of up to 3 mm. It is optimally suited for high-precision laser burn cutting and laser fusion cutting. Depending on the requirements, the cutting systems are equipped with air-cooled, maintenance-free laser sources and high-precision drive technology. The cutting system owes its precision to a solid and vibration-free structure. Equipped with the laser software AC-LASER, a laser control unit optimized for these applications and high-quality optical components, the ACSYS laser systems are perfectly suitable for fully automated operation. Moreover, the optional automatic distance control enables curved metal sheets to be cut by laser. The nesting software CAGILA can also be incorporated by means of a powerful post-processor.

PIRANHA µ PICO– Compact high precision

PIRANHA µ PICO– Compact high precision

The new PIRANHAμ PICO have been specially designed for high-precision applications. While the PIRANHAμ is equipped with a fiber laser system of the latest generation, the PIRANHAμ PICO has a current picosecond laser. Optionally, the PIRANHAμ can be equipped with a femtosecond laser (PIRANHAμ FEMTO). The PIRANHAμ PICO is also capable of being equipped with a second laser source as a dual laser system. With a footprint of less than 2.5 square meters, both laser system solutions are extremely compact and flexible. The construction of the PIRANHAμ and PIRANHAμ PICO consist of an extremely temperature-stable and low-vibration granite design, which allows an axis positioning accuracy of + - 10μm.


ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH
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Phone: +49 7154 808750
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Dieter Miller
Sales Manager Asia
Phone: +49 7154 808750

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