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About us

SPECK SENSORSYSTEME GmbH is a company developing and manufacturing optical sensor systems, components for industrial image processing and optical measurement setups and test sites. We have specialised in the determination of optical parameters such as:

  • absorption of optical glasses and crystals at DUV…IR wavelengths with  high precision, down to the sub-ppm range

  • residual wavelength-specific absorption of optical coatings, HR and AR

  • residual transmission of HR or AR optical coatings and coated optical elements

  • reflectivity of HR optical coatings and coated optical elements as fully developed test sites for an high-tech industrial environment

    Our services on the field of industrial lighting and sensing include:

  • customer specific, extensive consulting

  • research, development and testing

  • solutions and realisation to fulfil the demanding requirements of your task.

Products and services

SPECK SENSORSYSTEME GmbH offers measurement systems and test sites for characterisation of optical materials and coatings. Our philosophy is to build easy-to-operate instruments and software solutions for highest precision technology.

Our LID allows the evaluation of material absorption in the sub-ppm range in the bulk or on coated and uncoated surfaces. With our CRD you can determine losses on HR coated optics with nominal reflectivities >>99% with ppm precision. MuLaM can distinguish structures in optical transparent compounds with very low differences in refractive index such as PET-GAG. With FMG you are able to measure colour values of any transparent or opaque material.

Each device and test site includes a software for the management of measurement data, offering an easily adaptable data base for inline quality control.

Furthermore, SPECK SENSORSYSTEME provides industrial users with customer specific solutions for lighting and evaluation for the inline process control.

LID - absorption measurement setup for bulk materials and coatings

LID - absorption measurement setup for bulk materials and coatings

The LID is a device for high precision and absolute measurement of the absorption coefficient down to 1ppm. It is designed for bulk materials and coatings with lowest material absorption, which is essential for ensuring high laser induced damage thresholds or high imaging quality of optical systems. It works at one or more selectable wavelengths for optical glasses, crystals (SiO2, BK7, CaF2,YVO4, LiNbO3...), transparent synthetics (like polyacrylates) or HR- and AR-coatings.

CRD - Loss and reflectivity measurement setup

CRD - Loss and reflectivity measurement setup

The CRD measurement setup device allows you to determine the optical losses of high reflectivity (R >> 99%) coatings on plane and concave optical elements (HR-mirrors). This gives access to evaluation of the reflectivity of a coated optical part, for use in applications where extremely low light losses are important. The CRD can be configured to measure at one or more wavelengths, e.g. 355nm..532nm…633nm …1064nm. The repeat accuracy can be as good as 2ppm for reflectivities greater than 99.5%.

Colour and film thickness measurement devices

Colour and film thickness measurement devices

The FMG is designed to evaluate colour values of foil and web materials in all common colour spaces. It is capable of registering slightest deviations from set values in near real-time in a production line environment. The MuLaM can resolve and determine thicknesses of layer structures within transparent or translucent foil or web materials, with smallest refractive index differences, e.g. PET-GAG. It allows measurement of up to 2µm thick layers embedded in 5 – 1000µm thick foils.

News & Innovations

High precision absorption and reflectivity measurements – instrumental solutions for manufacturers of the most demanding optical components and coatings 

The ever rising requirements on the efficiency of high power optics call for minimising the absorption in optical materials – coated or uncoated glasses or synthetics with the highest possible transmissivity in the desired wavelength regions. Also, maximising the reflectivity of multi-la...| » Further reading 

Customer specific solutions in industrial lighting and imaging / image processing 

SPECK SENSORSYSTEME GmbH has expert knowledge in the field of industrial lighting. We offer free-of-charge advice if you buy the resulting lighting setup. If you have a difficult Task, feel free to contact us. Depending on your needs we provide you a customised solution consisting of our standa...| » Further reading 

Optical Loss Measurement of HR-mirrors for wavelenght 635nm Lasers 

SPECK SENSORSYSTEME have developed an optical loss and reflectivity measurement system to determine the quality of HR optical coatings optimised for 633…638nm wavelength. These wavelengths are of interest for high-precision applications like laser gyroscopes and interferometers. With th...| » Further reading 


Goeschwitzer Str. 32
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 773520

Uwe Speck
Phone: +49 3641 773520

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