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Micro Epsilon (Beijing) Measurement Co., Ltd.

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About us

Micro-Epsilon is a medium-sized family-run company, which plays a leading role in measurement technology. For more than 45 years we have continuously offered reliable, high performance, unique solutions particularly when high precision measurement or inspection is required.

Our product range covers sensors for the measurement of distance and displacement, sensors for IR temperature measurement and color detection, as well as systems for dimensional measurement and defect detection.

Innovative products that provide the very highest levels of precision are created through intensive, research and development processes, unique know-how and a broad network of collaborative operations, which are essential for such high performance measurement systems.

We understand that our customers are our business partners, which creates a win-win situation for both parties. Our products often provide customers with a genuine competitive advantage.

However, this is only the case if the products are higher precision and so provide a clear, decisive competitive edge. With more precision.

Products and services


Highly accurate displacement and distance measurement. Confocal measurement principle to achieve high-precision displacement and distance measurement. Axial light path to avoid the shadow effect, even in the sleeve and groove can be measured.

Unilateral thickness measurement of transparent materials. Confocal measurement principle can measure the thickness of glass and other transparent materials.

Controller with high resolution and speed. The confocalDT controller provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio with just one sensor for micrometer accuracy.Multi-peak measurement Up to 6 measurements can be evaluated with high accuracy. Fast surface compensation adjusts the exposure period to achieve high signal stability, which is particularly advantageous when measuring surfaces with varying reflective properties.

Easy to use through the web interface. The entire configuration process does not require any additional software due to the use of a friendly web interface.

Eddy current sensors

Eddy current sensors

Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are designed for non-contact measurement of displacement, distance, position, oscillation and vibrations. They are particularly suitable when high precision is required in harsh industrial environments (pressure, dirt, temperature). Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon offer extremely precise measurements where sub-micron accuracy is required.

Laser scanners for 2D/3D measurements

Laser scanners for 2D/3D measurements

The scanCONTROL laser profile sensors are divided into three classes: COMPACT, HIGHSPEED and SMART.The evaluation can be simple or achieve high complexity.
In order to enable the customer flexible configuration possibilities for the SMART scanner, Micro-Epsilon developed the free, user-friendly scanCONTROL Configuration Tools software which can be installed on any number of computers. Different software features provide maximum flexibility for difficult tasks.

Laser sensors

Laser sensors

optoNCDT sensors have set milestones for industrial laser displacement measurement. Whether for displacement, distance or thickness measurement, Micro-Epsilon laser sensors are considered one of the best in their class. These laser sensors are used e.g. in measurement and monitoring tasks in factory automation, electronics production, robotics and vehicle construction.

News & Innovations

Increased flexibility with inductive sensors based on eddy currents 

Micro-Epsilon has occupied pole position in eddy current technology for decades. Inductive displacement sensors based on eddy currents provide high precision results and withstand pressure, dirt and oil. In addition to the M12 design, the compact eddyNCDT 3001 eddy current sensor is now also a...| » Further reading 

New magneto-inductive displacement sensors 

Magneto-inductive mainSENSOR displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon have a much larger measuring range than conventional magnetic field sensors. Compared to inductive sensors, the magneto-inductive measurement system offers with equal size a larger measuring range and is available with solid me...| » Further reading 

New: thermoIMAGER TIM with VGA resolution 

The thermoIMAGER TIM G7 is a thermal imager especially designed for the glass industry and used for real-time temperature monitoring in production, finishing and further processing of glass sheets, bottles, displays and other glass. This modern infrared camera is by now available with a VGA r...| » Further reading 


Micro Epsilon (Beijing) Measurement Co., Ltd.
Koenigbacher Str. 15
94496 Ortenburg

Phone: +49 8542 1680
Fax: +49 8542 16890

Room D2002-2006, Bao Sheng square,No. 8 Heiquan road, Building 1,Haidian District, CN 100192 Beijing
Phone: +86 10 64398534

Micro-Epsilon(Beijing)Measurement Co,Ltd.
Room D2002-2006, Bao Sheng square,No. 8 Heiquan road, Building 1,Haidian District, CN 100192

Phone: +86 / 10 / 643 985 34
Fax: +86 / 10 / 643 985 34

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