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About us

OPTEG GmbH develops specialist machinery and automation systems. We have become one of the best in the world in ion beam systems for ultra-precise processing of optical materials.

Our optical measuring technology division develops high-precision measurement devices for measuring surfaces and the thicknesses of films and optical media to within a few nanometers. We are specialized in multi-axis movement systems, combined with direct drives, vacuum technology, movement & handling systems, software. We also customized optical measuring systems for real-time monitoring, fully automated & integrated in a production line.

Our products are OMF machines in different size for ion beam figuring from surfaces with nm accuracy, OLCI measurement instruments which use optical low coherence interferometer for thickness and surface measurement and OTFP measurement instruments which use spectral reflectrometry measurment for thin film thickness.

Products and services

  • Ion Beam Figuring Machines

    IBF is a high-end method of correcting errors on an optical surface with achievable surface quality of λ/200 and better.

  • Optical Measurement Devices

    Measurement of monochromatic reflectance or transmission and spectral reflectance is used to measure coatings, layer stacks and thin film, optical low-coherence interferometry is used for lens thickness, layers and gaps with a precision of 10 µm down to few nm.

  • Multi Motion Stage Systems

    Adapted to customer needs we develop motion systems consisting of single- or multi-direction-axis up to multi gantry-systems. The requirements for the axis systems can range from simple traversing applications to high-precision positioning.

  • Automation

    We develop robot systems for handling tasks such as pick and place, gripping and placing systems and workpiece lock systems in ion beam figuring machines. We implement control tasks using programmable logic controllers and develop user interfaces and applications to customer specifications.
Ion Beam Figuring Machine, OMF series

Ion Beam Figuring Machine, OMF series

max work piece diameter 1200 mm
max work piece height 200 mm
max work piece weight 100 kg
achievable surface quality λ/200 and better
start accuracies of one λ@633 nm is adequate
6-axis direct driven motion system, that ensures orthogonality of the ion source to the sample surface
increasing the sample aperture through simulating and processing over the edge
materials: mono-crystals, amorphous and metallic materials are processable
ultra stable process with excellent reproducibility

Measurement Devices, OTFP-, OLCI-, HP-OLCI-series

Measurement Devices, OTFP-, OLCI-, HP-OLCI-series

technology spectral reflectance
spectral range 200-1100 nm
thickness range 50 nm to 50 μm
resolution 2048 Pixel
accuracy 1 nm
optional axis system
application thin film, layer, coatings, paint

technology OCT
wavelengh 1310
accuracy 1 μm
thickness range 50 μm – 5 mm
application, glass, silicon, liquids, foil, paint, layer
channels 12

technology OCT
wavelengh 1310
accuracy 10 nm
thickness range 10 μm – 130 mm
application, glass, silicon, liquids, foil, paint, layer



Positioning systems are another area of automation in which we are active. Our solutions in this area include linear systems, such as XY tables, and portal systems (rotative positioning systems, also known as rotary tables or round tables). These can be used to align a workpiece, tool or tool carrier in a certain angle to the reference position. Positioning systems are used in microscopy (e.g. in measuring microscopes), measuring technology (e.g. engine acoustics) and wafer production.

News & Innovations

ISERM Live Etching Rate Measurement System 

This System based on High Precision Low Coherence Technology, offering a live determination of an ion beams etching rate within seconds. Besides peak etching rate, beam etching rate profile and volume etching rate can be investigated within minutes.

Accuracy is specified with +/-0,1 nm/s. The measurement system can also be used to investigate etching rates under impact angles to provide optimal process parameters. For determination a sensor within the vacuum chamber is used, no locking of a separate probe is needed. Lifespan of sensor dummy-probe is typically 100 beam profiles , depending on actual etching rate and material.

The sensor head can house dummy-probes with 1” in diameter and 1 mm in thickness and is compatible with almost all materials that can be processed by ion beam figuring. ISERM replaces the entire process of probe handling for etching rate determination.

Measurement time can be cut dramatically. The reusable dummy-probe replaces the purchase of a new probe every time an etching rate needs to be determined. The sensor is independent from ion beam source diameter and can be used on any size.

ISERM Measurement System is designed and optimized to work with OPTEG Ion Beam Figuring machines of OMF series and provide direct use of ascertained etching rate for simulation to achieve the best processing result.


Foepplstr. 9
04347 Leipzig

Phone: +49 3412 3493500

Daniel Juhász
Project Management
Phone: +49 3412 3493517

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