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Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH

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About us

Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH is a high-technology company for microsystems technology and infrared components.

We develop customer specific mechanical microelectronics and infrared systems and are internationally leading in the field of infrared sensors.

Micro-Hybrid designs leading-edge hybrid applications and LTCC technology for the global core markets of medical and environmental technology as well as aviation. Micro-Hybrid is a part of the Micro-Epsilon group.

Products and services

Micro-Hybrid develops and provides high-tech solutions in the field of electronic micro systems and IR components.

We supply electronic modules for various applications in harsh environment: LTCC multilayer ceramics, thick film circuits, UV LED modules, as well as IR sources, IR detectors (Thermo- and Pyroelectric) and NDIR gas sensors. Our products are used in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing and measurement applications, such as medical technology, industrial automation, semiconductor industry, power electronics, high-power LED applications, data processing and communication, environmental and energy technology, biotechnology, NDIR gas measurement, safety and transports.

From consulting, development and component design all the way to series production we offer the entire supply chain management.



There are special requirements for electronic circuits and components for numerous applications. LTCC can meet the following requirements:
• ideal heat conduction in a wide temperature range (-100 ... + 200 ° C)
• high frequency stability
• permanent hermeticity
• long-term stability (> 20 years)
• high dielectric strength &mechanic solidity
• resistance to plasma or ion bombardment
• high degree of miniaturization - 3-D functions as cavities, stepped bonding planes, channels and membranes

Pyroelectric detector

Pyroelectric detector

Our pyroelectric and thermopile detectors can be applied for temperature measurement, NDIR gas measurement and flame detection.
Features of pyroelectric detectors: broad spectral sensitivity, high modulation frequency, low microphone effect, low temperature dependence and low thermal drift.
Features of thermopile detectors: excellent performance by using best materials like BiSb / Sb for thermo electrical effect, high temperature application, world’s best detectivity and high sensitivity.

IR Emitter

IR Emitter

Features of MEMS based JSIR 350
• High membrane temperature up to 850 °C
• High modulation frequency up to 100 Hz › no mechanical chopper needed
• Long lifetime > 100,000 h
• Broadband emissivity
• Hermetically sealed set up › Hermeseal

Features of JSIR 450 spiral wound series
• Black body radiation
• Long lifetime > 50,000 h
• High membrane temperature:
• 650 °C at 700 mW nominal power
• 1100 °C at 1700 mW max. power
• Industrial standard housing TO 39


Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH
Heinrich Hertz-Str. 8
07629 Hermsdorf

Phone: +49 36601 5920
Fax: +49 36601 592110

Lisa Wen
Sales Manager
Phone: +86 185 61763711

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