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tec5 Raman Spectrometer System for Process Environments

Over the past years, Raman spectroscopy was mostly used for the analysis in laboratory. Compared to the widely implemented NIR spectroscopy in laboratory as well as in process environments, Raman spectroscopy has major advantages as the selectivity is higher and more complex mixtures can be analyzed.

In a process environment, the stability and ease of maintenance of the instrument is in the main focus. Such devices can be used to monitor the process in autonomous measurements 24/7. These are some of the challenges tec5 AG tackled with developing the Raman spectrometer system, including improved detection sensitivity to be able to detect low concentrations of solubles in short integration times.

Special attention was paid to the laser safety as the system is installed at plant. A high flexibility is achieved by allowing a distributed installation over optical fibers to transport the laser and the Raman signal.

Exhibitor: tec5 AG

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