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Heraeus Nexensos is the worldwide market and technology leader in platinum thin film technology. We are your expert for platinum temperature sensors. www.heraeus-nexensos.com

About us

Heraeus Nexensos is the global market and technology leader for high-precision temperature sensor technology, also offering particle sensors as well as heaters.

Innovative and reliable solutions based on thin and thick film processes and material expertise allow for applications from -200 °C up to unique 1,000 °C; increasing efficiency and safety in e-mobility, industrial processing, energy management, white goods, electronics, life science and automotive exhaust gas treatment.

With the biggest production capacities on the market, Heraeus Nexensos accompanies their customers from fast prototyping to large-scale production.

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Heraeus Nexensos GmbH
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63801 Kleinostheim

Phone: +49 6188 358169
Internet: www.heraeus-nexensos.com

Heraeus Materials Technology Shanghai
Fortune Center, Bldg 5, No. 406 Guilin Rd.
Shanghai 200233
P.R. China

Internet: www.heraeus-nexensos.com

Products and services

Heraeus Nexensos provide different products to meet your different need in many solution. For all solutions, we have wired sensor elements use for attaching lead wires.

Many temperature sensing applications require sensing elements packaged in protective housings.

To reduce development time and cost, Heraeus has developed a line of standard housed sensors suitable for a wide variety of applications.

And for E-mobility solution, we provide high-precision and fast-response soot sensors to monitor whether the diesel particulate matter trap (DPF & GPF) in the aftertreatment system fails.

Heraeus Nexensos Product Portfolio

Heraeus offers a variety of Platinum RTD sensors (PT RTD) with different resistance values (PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000) and different temperature coefficients (TC3750, TC3770, TC3850). The Surface mount RTD (SMD) Elements are designed for automated board mounting in high-volume applications. Standard SMD Elements are available in Platinum (Pt) 3850 and Nickel 6180 temperature coefficients. These types of sensors are also known as an SMD RTD, SMT and SMT RTD.

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Sensor Elements with Wires

Wired sensor elements use for attaching lead wires. M-type Elements are the best choice for most applications. The L-type Element is constructed with highly soft-solderable AgPd lead wires. The HM, HL, and HD-type Elements provide an extended high temperature operating range. C-Type Elements are best for Cryogenic applications.

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Platinum temperature sensors and solutions for electromobility

Precise sensors, accurate data and reliable controls are fundamental requirements for the rapid development and testing of high-performance and dependable products. Essential competitive advantages can be gained through the specific performance benefits of platinum temperature sensors, such as an extended temperature range, the highest degree of precision and reliable long-term stability within the Electromobility market.

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News & Innovations

Small, smaller, tiny - towards miniaturization

Heraeus Nexensos has developed a new generation of temperature sensors. With these sensors, potentials for miniaturization can be exploited even further.

Exploiting, that is: Placing extremely small and flexible temperature sensors very close to heat sources. This means that even subtle changes can be monitored in real time. With a footprint of less than 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm and a low profile of 50 µm, even the smallest electronic components can be monitored.

Breaking boundaries with Heraeus Nexensos.

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Vaccine distribution increases demand for cryogenic temperature sensors at Heraeus Nexensos

Providing a perfect cold chain for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines and other biologicals, is a major logistical challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.

Heraeus platinum-based resistance temperature detectors (RTD) are a perfect fit for harsh cryogenic sensing applications. Heraeus RTD sensors provide reliable and accurate temperature measurement in dry ice (-78 °C), with capability down to -200 °C. Platinum RTDs exhibit extremely low drift, even after years of service, ensuring reliable data collection for the life of the measurement device.

This reliability translates to precise monitoring of temperature-sensitive biochemical synthesis processes, and secure temperature control and monitoring for the complete cold chain logistic, from shipment to storage.

Find out more about Heraeus Nexensos´ cryogenic temperature sensors.

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